Pen + notebook + leather cover = your ideal pocket assistant

How many times you’ve had a brilliant idea being born in your mind, but there was no paper and a pen at hand to write it down? And by the time you’d found your phone, opened the right application, or ran to the computer, the idea would vanish as quickly as it appeared. Let’s agree that it is frustrating – after all, each unrecorded idea is another missed opportunity. I partially solved this problem for myself by inventing the minimalistic Sens pen and successfully implementing its kickstarter campaign.

But now its time for Sens to get a much needed pair – because record your ideas, there must be some paper next to the pen. I considered countless notebooks in search for the right option, but in all that diversity I couldn’t find the one to match my criteria – I wanted it to be compact, practical and at the same time to please the eye. After some long fruitless searches, I realized that the best solution would be to create the one myself.



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