MyPlug | The First THEFT-PROOF Charging Cable Ever Made!

Meet the first ever cable with a built in combination lock – MyPlug! A revolutionary charging cable designed specifically to prevent people from taking your cable.

Each time MyPlug is connected to a power source, your custom 4-6 digit passcode must be entered to enable charging! If MyPlug is disconnected, the internal security device is reset and the cable becomes useless to anybody who doesn’t know your code!

If you feel like somebody may have discovered your passcode, you can quickly and easily change it, instantly re-securing your MyPlug.

Sick of lending out your ordinary cable only to never see it again? Now you no longer have to worry. MyPlug is equipped with a powerful feature called Guest Mode which will prevent the need for a passcode, for 1 Hour. Once the hour has passed MyPlug ceases charging and the borrower has no choice but to return your cable.

– The MyPlug Team


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