HEAT-O – Wearable Modular Heating System

Over the last couple of decades, technology has been known to satisfy and increase our daily lives, but when it is cold everyone is affected in the same way. This is why we have been inspired to change this particular instance, this is why we have created HEAT-O. To use it, you place heating elements on your body under any kind of clothing. You configure and control eight heating elements. Plug in to the battery, and voila!

HEAT-O is for professionals, amateurs, and everyone in between. Specify the type of cold activity you are participating in and we will ensure that HEAT-O has a purpose for you. From daily use to professional use in sports, hobbies and work duties.

Thanks to the modularity you can also use HEAT-O for rehabilitation purposes (thermotherapy) and any disability.

-The Heat-O Team


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