Golf Pad LINK – automatic golf game tracking DONE RIGHT

In 2015 our Kickstarter campaign for Golf Pad TAGS™ was an overwhelming success. With your support we built the product and delivered rewards to all 659 backers on time. TAGS are now used by thousands of golfers around the world to automatically track the game right on their Android phones.

We’d like to extend a huge thanks to all supporters! Without you, this next product wouldn’t have been possible.

The number one question we received about the TAGS is iPhone compatibility. The new Golf Pad LINK is the answer – it works with both iPhone and Android. Even better, you can track your game without having your phone on you. Your shots are saved as you play. When your phone is in range, your data will sync automatically.

Golf Pad LINK is perfect for golfers of all skill levels who want to automatically track, analyze and improve their game in real-time. Track your shots with a sleek, wireless reader and at set of 15 lightweight tags. Get accurate distances, intelligent club recommendations and more on over 40,000 courses world-wide.

– The Golf Pad Team


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