Dride – Connected Dashcam with Safety Alerts & Apps

Hi! We’re a bunch of car fanatics who believe that the vehicles we are driving are unnecessarily primitive and downright dangerous! We’ve designed Dride to change that, and with it, the way we drive. Just as the time when no-one used seat belts rapidly faded we believe that the era of unintelligent cars should be a distant memory, and we are here to bring it about sooner than anyone expects.  

Dride is our revolutionary new product built to enhance every aspect of your driving, protect you from dangerous mobile distractions, and build a community around driving smartly and safely. Dride is a dashcam, but does so much more. It comes with a real time safety alert system, navigation and voice-to-text technology. You can also build your own driving apps and make Dride as intelligent as you are. We made it possible for you to drive smart, now we need your help to share it with the world.

– The Dride Team


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