True Utility Connect – Everyday Carry Essentials

True Utility Connect

True Utility has just released the brand new Connect range. Whether your lifestyle is more travel, urban or outdoors: make life easier, more practical and better connected. The connect range has been designed to streamline your everyday routine. From organising your keys with style, to keeping your everyday carry secure, there is a Connect solution for you. We now carry …

Sparkr | Fire & Light in One

Sparkr - Fire & Light in One

The Sparkr and Sparkr mini are unique, multi-functional tools that give you the power to create fire and light wherever your adventures may take you. The Sparkr has a windproof electric plasma lighter on one end and a 150 lumen flashlight and lantern on the other to make for one essential tool. Regular ol’ butane lighters are riddled with problems – …

The Rumpl Puffe – A Portable Battery-Powered Heated Blanket

The Rumpl Puffe - A Portable Battery-Powered Heated Blanket

The Puffe – is a portable battery-powered heated blanket. It warms you in seconds and can charge your mobile devices. It is durable, water resistant, machine washable, and extremely lightweight. It is the smartest, most travel-ready heated blanket ever designed.

PocketLab Voyager | Explore Science in Your World

PocketLab Voyager

PocketLab is a family of wireless sensors, apps, and software for exploring the world and building science experiments. We believe anyone can be a scientist, and we believe science should be fun and engaging. We introduced PocketLab One on Kickstarter in 2015, and we need your help to launch two exciting new devices! PocketLab Voyager is an all-in-one science lab …